The area

Restaurants in Schöneberg - Berlin

Just wish for anything you like and you will get it when we talk about food. In Schönberg you will find it all. There is Indian, Turkish, American, Italian, all kinds of Asian food and of course German food, but the list is longer.
Remember that the best pizza in all of Berlin you will find in Maassenstrasse. It has been said that people from all over Berlin come to this place.

Shops in Schöneberg

Schöneberg is full of small boutiques, where you can buy all kind of things. You can for example find antique shops, flower shops, jewellery shops, art shops, fashion shops and of course minimarkets open 24 hours a day.
On Nollendorfplatz you will find Kaiser – one of the best supermarkets in Berlin. Here you can buy some of the more special food products. If you want to save money you can buy your groceries in Lidl in Kleiststrasse which is 300 to 400 meters from Nollendorfplatz. You can also go to Pennymarkt or Aldi which you find in Grunnewaldstrasse. If you are out in town and need a computer with internet you can find internet cafes at Nollendorfplazt. The prices are very low. 

The local atmosphere and surroundings

Schöneberg is extremly green. You will probably not find one street in Schöneberg where there are no trees. There are several small squares and parks with fountains and lots of flowers where you can sit and enjoy life and feel the quietness that is in this part of Berlin.
In the area there are a lot of old buildings. This is one of the reasons why you will find a special atmosphere and feeling which can be difficult to find in other parts of Berlin. For some reason there was not a lot of bombing in Schöneberg under the Second World War. This means that a lot of the old Berlin is still there. In some streets it almost feels like going 100 years back in time – even the street signs are in an old style.

Where is Schöneberg in Berlin

Schöneberg is in the old West Berlin. From the apartments it is not far to many of the big and famous tourist attractions like KaDeWe, Tiergarten, Potsdamer Platz and Brandenburger Tor. Schöneberg is next to the areas called Mitte, Tiergarten, Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf.