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Take a long weekend, maybe a whole week or longer in Berlin and stay in the apartment that yourberlinrental.com has at it’s disposal. Berlin is a city full of new and old, mainstream and underground and peace and wildness. Berlin is a melting pot, where nearly everything is allowed and there is space for everybody. That’s why the city attracts all kinds of people for example all kinds of artists. Visit Berlin and get a kick that you will remember for a very long time.

To the right hand side of this site you can watch 1 film presenting the apartment that yourberlinrental.com has in the capital of Germany. The voiceover is in Danish, but I hope you will get a good idea about what the apartment looks like.

Holiday apartment in Berlin

On this site you will find information about Berlin and the apartment, which you can rent and stay in while you experience Germany’s capital. The apartment is equipped with all the things that a tourist of today needs to feel at home. You will for example get information about:

  • The apartment and prices
  • How to book an apartment
  • Cleaning of the apartment and how to get the keys
  • Schöneberg – the area where the apartment is
  • Restaurants, shopping and tourist attractions 

If you want to see when the apartment is free – please press the link below

Calendar for yourberlinrental.com

Bookings until March 2020

At the moment there are bookings till the beginning of March 2020. But don’t worry – not all is booked. There are still very good possibilities to find days in the calendar for a long weekend or a longer holiday in Berlin. Please go to the menu and press “Calendar” to find the days that fit in to your plans.

Movies from yourberlinrental.com

Why rent an apartment through yourberlinrental.com

When you book an apartment at yourberlinrental.com you will get various advantages, which will make your stay in Berlin good. The advantages are:

  • You will live central in Berlin
  • You will stay in a very green and clean part of Berlin
  • You will stay in a peaceful area of Berlin
  • Included in the price are 2 towels for each person, beddings, free internet access and cleaning after you have left the apartment
  • You will have a “contact person” in Berlin who will try to help you if something serious happens during your stay in Berlin
  • The apartment is very close to public transport
  • The apartment is decorated in a modern style and you will find the things that a tourist of today need
  • There will be a bag with toiletries in the apartment, if your suitcase is not on the plane when you come to Berlin

Facts about yourberlinrental.com

Yourberlinrental.com has existed since 2006 and has given rental to 100’s of people – manly from Denmark but also from for example Great Britain, Germany, Ireland and Sweden. Bookings and confirmations and other paperwork are done in Denmark.

Cleaners and other people who make it possible for yourberlinrental.com to rent out apartments in Berlin are employed directly by yourberlinrental.com. This means that I personally know the people and I always know who is doing what and has the responsibility. This is my way of making sure that things will be done to your satisfaction.